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H. Scott Clemens, MA, MPsy
Consulting Sociologist

Helping individuals, communities, and organizations plan, make, and manage change.

My name is Scott Clemens, and I reside in Dallas, TX. I hold a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sociology, with an additional master’s degree in humanistic psychology. I identify as a consulting sociologist, which is also sometimes called a practice-oriented sociologist or clinical sociologist. I have been serving in a consulting capacity since 2010, and I provide services through the company I founded, called Socio-Logic. Socio-Logic provides services based on practice-oriented sociology.

What is a Consulting Sociologist?

Whereas psychology could be described as the study of individuals, sociology is the study of groups, and seeks to understand individuals through groups and social relationships. Many sociologists solely pursue academic studies and research. However, as a consulting sociologist my work is focused on helping individuals, families, organizations, and communities make and manage change in their world, using social theory, research, and practical helping skills.

Why People Seek My Services: Creating and Managing Change

All change is social. Whenever an individual or organization wants to change or improve something in their life or world, this change always occurs within the framework of the people that surround them, and the environment that has been created in relationship to those people. As a consulting sociologist, I strive to be an “agent of change,” and I aim to transmit the ability to be an “agent of change” to the people with which I work.

The Relationship Between Conflict and Change

Often change involves a sense of conflict: we want things to be different, yet it seems the people or world around are not on the same page. Sometimes, the world around us is changing at a pace or in a direction in which we struggle for a sense of place. At other times the world, seems like an immoveable object in relation to the change we want to see in our life or the world. Though people sometimes have a negative view of conflict, from a sociological perspective, conflict can be both an indicator and “motor of change. When we experience conflict in ourselves or with other people around us, often it indicates that change is occurring, though some involved might not be comfortable with the change occurring. At the same time, conflict often drives change—the discomfort we experience during conflict, when channeled “productively” can motivate us to create change and improve our situation.

How Can I Help?

My education and training provide a unique background in serving clients to create and manage change.

  • Sociology, Bachelor’s, University of Texas at Arlington
    • Focal Area: Conflict
  • Sociology, Master’s, University of Texas at Arlington
    • Focal Area: Organizations and Communities
  • Psychology, Master’s, University of Dallas
    • Focal Area: Humanistic and Person-Centered Psychology
Other training & certifications:
  • Certified Conflict Management Specialist, with supervised internship (900+ hours of training or 25 credit hours)
  • Credentialed Advanced Mediator (over 140 mediations and conciliations)
  • Trained mediator in the State of Texas (required 40 hours of training in Texas)
  • Trained family mediator in the State of Texas (additional 24 hours of required training)
  • Completed Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer program, awaiting receipt of certification (over 300 hours training)
Other relevant experience:
  • Serving as conflict resolution professional since 2010, creating systems and processes that transform conflict into productive change.
  • Facilitating over 1,000 hours of meetings, workshops, and groups
  • Serving as organizational development consultant since 2010, helping to create and manage change in organizations, so they are adaptive and responsive to their members and the people they serve.
  • Serving in a coaching role for management teams and for individual executives and leaders
  • Previously served as a technical lead managing teams in business and technology for over 10 years:
    • Managed and provided leadership on large-scale, long-term projects
    • Managed multiple teams simultaneously
    • Created processes for inter-team coordination on multi-team projects
Professional identity and affiliations:
  • Identify as a consulting sociologist (also called practice-oriented or clinical sociologist)
  • Member of the Association for Applied & Clinical Sociology*
(*membership does not imply organization’s supervision or endorsement)